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Rhythmic Arts Academy, Amanzimtoti, welcomes you to our website.

We passionately believe in the power of dance as a form of artistic expression and its ability to generate confidence as well as physical well-being in individuals of all ages.

Numerous dance styles are offered at the studio ranging from elegant contemporary to the funkier hip hop styles.  The institute is internationally qualified to enter students for dance examinations and we participate in competitions.

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What times are my/my child’s classes?

18:45-19:45 Hip Hop (14yrs+)

13:45 Hip Hop/Tumble (3 – 6yrs)
14:30 Grade 2 Modern (7 – 9yrs)
15:30 Jnr Open Modern (7 – 13yrs)
16:30 Grade 4 Modern (10 – 13yrs)
17:30 Intermediate Modern (14yrs+)
18:30 Snr Stretch (14yrs+)

14:30 Grade 2 Tap (7 – 9yrs)
15:30 Jnr Open Tap (7 – 13yrs)
16:30 Grade 3 Tap (10 – 13yrs)
17:30 Snr Open Tap (14yrs+)
18:30 Open Snr Modern (14yrs+)

12:15 Pre-Modern & Tap (3 – 6yrs)
13:00 Pre-Grade Hip Hop (7 – 13yrs)
14:00 Jnr Stretch (5 – 13yrs)
15:00 Junior 1 Hip Hop (14yrs+)
16:00 Grade 6 Tap (14yrs+)
17:00 Beginners Adult Tap (20yrs+)

Kindly note these are the average age of students attending these classes. This does not take into consideration years of experience danced.

What am I to expect at my/my child’s first class?

Dress code:

  • Any gym related clothing is perfect.  We shall measure you for your uniform after class. 🙂
  • Sneakers for hip hoppers and tappers
  • Long hair to be pulled back in any hair style
  • No jewellery except stud earrings and watches

Additional items:

  • Yoga mat for stretch class (optional)
  • Water bottle
  • Towel

What happens after class?

We shall be following up with a phone call to hear all about your/your child’s experience!

Should you decide to be a part of our awesome studio, we will supply you with the necessary enrolment forms and invoice.

Still have questions?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!  We will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.  🙂

Minette Landman:  0172 223 1672

Chanelle Macey:  079 562 0507